Artificial Intelligence Techniques, additional customer SL

Artelnics is a start-up company based in Salamanca (Spain) which makes software for intelligent data analysis. We are a spin-off from the International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) and the Technical University of Catalonia UPC). We develop disruptive technology for advanced analytics using an innovative method from artificial intelligence called neural networks. They are mathematical algorithms of the functioning of the brain that can learn to perform certain tasks. In this regard, Artelnics develops the open neural networks library OpenNN , which is a general purpose learning package. Nowadays OpenNN is has many thousands of downloads and is being used by companies such as Airbus, Philips, Thales, etc.

We also develop and commercialize the professional tool for advanced analytics called Neural Designer , which is used to discover relationships, recognize patterns, predict trends and recognize associations from data. Neural Designer is being used by customers in all five continents, among which are Intel or Gentera. We are a young and motivated team composed of experts in artificial intelligence, mathematics, computer science and business. The company is currently made up of six people and the team is growing year after year. On the other hand, Artelnics is a research-based company, and we participate in many R&D projects. Some H2020 projects in which we participate are SHAPE, POP and Neural Designer.