Mandoulides Schools

Mandoulides Schools

Mandoulides Schools is a modern and dynamic educational, sports, and cultural community that is renowned throughout Greece. The Schools include: Day

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english essay Care Center, Kindergarten, Elementary School, Junior – Senior High School, Counseling and Studies Abroad Center. Mandoulides Schools have received wide recognition for their quality of service, innovative actions, new technologies, environmental programs and foreign languages. Mandoulides Schools are one of the 3 schools in Greece and one of the 850 schools worldwide that have been selected by Microsoft as a “Microsoft Showcase School”.

This distinction for the Schools is a recognition of the innovative actions and educational programs that have been implemented for years, with emphasis on the use of new technologies both in education and in administration. Programs such as Flipped Classroom, Watch & Learn, Case Studies, Art & Science Days and the digital platform “my.mandoulides” form an essential part of the educational process. They render technology an indispensable tool for students, they make the learning process more interactive and creative, and they ensure the proper operation of the Schools.

Also, Mandoulides Schools has organized and hosted the International Hackathlon event, where students from any country and from primary to secondary courses can try to “hack” specifically designed websites using knowledge on multiple fields such as maths, science, history etc.