University of Macedonia

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The University of Macedonia (UOM) of Economic and Social Sciences was established in 1948 and currently has 8 departments, 7 departmental and 3 interdepartmental postgraduate programmes. It has a long record in research and educational activities including participation in European programmes such as Erasmus-ECTS, Alfa, ADAPT, Leonardo, Tempus, Med-Campus, Continuing Education Program and Jean Monnet.

Combining the scientific fields of Business Administration and Information Technology, the Information Systems Laboratory operates as a part of the Business Administration Department of UOM. The laboratory’s areas of expertise vary and include:

  • Conceptual and domain modelling.
  • Open Data and Linked Data
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    justify;”>The Use of Web 2.0 and semantic technologies in eLearning and eGovernment.
  • E-Learning Systems and their role in the educational process.